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S E T T - Audit Uploader

Designed to stream line the evidence upload for the auditing process. No longer will auditors have to wait for stakeholders, they can simply fill in the risks, add in the email address and a notification is sent to the stakeholder. If the stakeholder doesn't upload the required documents, you can send a reminder. Once the evidence is uploaded you can accept or reject with comments. Once completed the task goes green.

Loading screen

Loading screen

Case Study coming soon

2. Risk Screen.png
3. Evidence Required.png
4. Send Reminder.png
5. Email Reminder Sent.png
6. Stakeholder View- Risk.png
7. Stakeholder View- All Audits.png
8. Stakeholder View- Upload Evidence.png
9. Stakeholder View - Comments.png
10. Waiting for confirmation.png
11. Audit screen.png
12. View Evidence.png
13. Accept or Reject Evidence.png
14. Reject Evidence and why Copy.png
15. Accept or Reject resubmitted  Evidence.png
16. Evidence Accepted.png
17. Audit Screen.png