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Amber Roberts

I'm a Media Artist who specializes in Graphic & Motion Design, Illustration and Photography. I love the seaside, wilderness and nature, therefore a lot of my work is inspired by this passion for life.

I am passionate, creative, innovative and committed. I am a communicator that has excellent skills in listening and strong intuition that helps me to make critical decision. 

Detail is something I like to take pride in my work, especially the small finishing touches can really bring out the best of the work.

I spend most of my time drawing; the rest is spent photographing the world around me. I adore Illustrations, Character Design, Graphic Design, Photography and anything that moves (such as unicorns). I have studied Media Studies and Practice from the age of 14 – theory through to contemporary media.  I've also won copious amounts of awards for my work.

After completing two years of the University, I look out to pursue my career in the Design and Photography world. 

I adore painting, both in the natural form and digitally and enjoy to using various forms of photography; from 35mm to medium format and digital, through to darkroom work to Photoshop. I enjoy capturing the unexpected and creating a more meaningful sense. I value deadlines, stick to agreements and make sure the clients are happy. 

Tools of Trade:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Illustrator

- Final Cut Pro X
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premier Pro
- Adobe Audition 
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe DreamWeaver
- Adobe Edge Animate

I know how to create animations, motion graphics, graphic design, flyers, leaflets. I know how to film, create and edit. I know how to set up, capture and create photography (in various mediums) through to editing both in the dark room - developing through to dodging and burning - and digitally.